The main purpose of Computing Services, in accordance with the direction of Miguel Hernández University, is to provide service and meet the needs of the university community in teaching, administration and research, as well as the treatment and management of information and communications.

This generic task can be broken down into different sub-objectives:

  • Plan, implement and maintain the necessary IT systems for the right functioning of the University.
  • Plan, implement and maintain computer systems for using applications.
  • Plan, implement and maintain the required equipment and communication networks (voice and data).
  • Participate in the automation and optimization of tasks for the development of the University.
  • Ensuring the safety and reliability of information systems for the University management.
  • Ensure proper use of University computing resources.
  • Perceive, review and spread technological changes, analyzing its possible use for the improvement of information systems at the UMH.
  • Participating in establishing policies, procedures, regulations and enforcement of standards regarding the use of computing resources and the use of information systems.

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